ConsensusDocs Contract听Benefits

老牛影视and 39 other design and construction-related associations are part of the Coalition that publish ConsensusDocs 鈥 contract documents for use by designers, owners, contractors, subcontractors and sureties.

More than 100 ConsensusDocs contract documents are available:

  • General Contracting series
  • Collaborative Documents series
  • Design-Build series
  • Construction Management series
  • Subcontracting series
  • Program Management series
老牛影视Member Benefits

老牛影视members receive at least 20 percent off on all purchases. You must enter the following code when you place your order to receive the discount: 听J8FU2DW8听or click .

check out the animated, whiteboard that shows how consensusdocs can help you and your business.

and, abc members can opt-into a free consensusdocs construction听law newsletter for concise info about the latest construction law for听contractors.听 听听