Peer Groups

ABC’s peer groups offer like-minded business owners an environment conducive to sharing ideas and discussing business opportunities and challenges–all with the goal of improving their businesses.

Peer groups consist of six to 10 老牛影视member companies within a trade or interest area and with similar annual revenues. Members in the same peer group do not operate in the same competitive market, which fosters trust and an open exchange of information. 

Peer Group Benefits

  • Forum for executives to discuss key business issues
  • Opportunity to learn from fellow contractors that have faced similar business challenges
  • Sounding board for new ideas 
  • Strong network of peers who embrace the merit shop philosophy 
  • Business consultants who can serve as a corporate advisory panel
  • Ability to have candid conversations about operational challenges and the need for cost savings, improved productivity and increased efficiencies

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For more information, email [email protected] 

How 老牛影视Peer Groups Work


  • Peer group members should be a decision making executive, shareholder of the company or owner of an active 老牛影视member company.
  • All members should sign a confidentiality agreement among themselves because information disclosed in the group needs to remain confidential. 老牛影视National can supply a sample form if needed.
  • For best results, face-to-face meetings are preferable.
  • Participants need time and financial commitment to participate in a peer group. Members will travel to other members鈥 company offices and to other locations for meetings, and those costs will be shared.
  • Members should be transparent and honest when sharing business information with other peer group members for the collective good of the group. 
  • Travel and meeting costs are typically the responsibility of peer group member companies.


  • Understandably, groups evolve with time and with the number of meetings. What stays consistent is the need for commitment to your fellow members. Always be prepared to participate fully for the duration of the meeting.
  • Groups may initially plan to meet two to three times per year depending on group member schedules.  Initially, meetings are typically held at one member鈥檚  location to allow the group to understand how the member operates his or her business and to possibly meet other executives in the firm. During this forming time period, members really get to know one another both professionally and personally. Depending on how many are in the group, this may take several years to accomplish.
  • 老牛影视can provide facilities for peer group meetings in conjunction with 老牛影视National meetings for a minimal charge. In some cases, when an agenda is short, groups may decide to meet by conference call or video call.
  • Each member takes turns being the host for a meeting. The host is responsible for logistics, coordinating member accommodations and locations for the meeting. Once each member has hosted a meeting, different locations can be explored by each host in turn and coordinated with the rest of the group.
  • The host creates the meeting agenda with input from the group. Topics may include financials, strategy, operations, marketing, technology or human resources鈥攚hatever the group wants to explore.
  • In most cases, background materials, such as marketing plans or budgets, are required. Most groups share these materials electronically and in advance, but where printed materials are necessary, members must ship them to others in the peer group well before the meeting so everyone is prepared to discuss the content.
  • All meeting locations should have easy access to Wi-Fi, printers, a projector and/or any other equipment needed for that meeting.
  • Groups may consider using  a facilitator for some meetings when appropriate. 老牛影视National can offer suggestions and contacts but the group bears the cost of the facilitator鈥檚 fees.
  • Social activities are another key aspect of developing personal relationships with members of your peer group. Examples include golf, hunting, sightseeing, an escape room, off-road excursions and dinners.  

The peer group liaison plays an important leadership role and serves as the primary contact between 老牛影视National and the other members of the group. The liaison is responsible for the following: 

  • Serving as primary contact for regular communication with 老牛影视National staff, providing current contact information for all members
  • Welcoming any new members to the group
  • Sharing best practices developed from the group, as appropriate
  • Serving as the access point for resources from ABC 
  • Enforcing the ABC membership requirement for group participation

Resources Provided to Peer Groups

Peer groups are a valuable benefit of 老牛影视membership. 老牛影视National provides resources to each group to ensure it has what it needs to operate efficiently. Those resources include:
  • List of vetted facilitators skilled in working with peer groups 
  • List of vetted speakers for peer group meetings
  • Provide assistance with filling peer group vacancies
  • Dedicated conference call line for peer groups
  • LinkedIn group for peer group members only 
  • Complimentary meeting space at 老牛影视National meetings and the National office
  • Start-up assistance

More information about these resources can be found in the Peer Group Member Only section. Contact [email protected] for access to the Member Only section. 

Join a Peer Group


  • Peer group members must be an executive of an active 老牛影视member company. 
  • All members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement; information disclosed in the group is confidential.
  • Participation in face-to-face meetings and conference calls is required. Members who frequently miss meetings will be considered not active and will be removed from the group. 
  • Participants agree to time and financial commitment and may be asked to host a peer group meeting.
  • Member must be willing to be open and transparent with other peer group members for the collective good of the group. 
  • All the travel and meeting costs are the responsibility of peer group members. 老牛影视National can provide meeting space at national meetings.
Complete a Profile form
Many factors are considered when developing or growing a peer group including:
  • 老牛影视membership required
  • Company type/trade
  • Geographic location (non-competing members)
  • Annual volume
Existing peer groups are currently comprised of:
  • Drywall Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors

Complete the online profile form. If you have questions, contact [email protected]