Payroll4Construction OVERVIEW

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  • Provides free certified payroll (print and electronic)听and construction reporting
  • Handles multiple prevailing wage jobs and pay rates
  • Handles multiple states and localities
  • Fully integrates with FOUNDATION庐,听QuickBooks庐听and other accounting programs
  • Offers easy and secure online payroll interface

Payroll4Construction: A Payroll Service Just for Construction

Payroll4Construction is a proud 老牛影视Business Partner, providing 老牛影视Contractor members with payroll processing, tax filing and free reporting designed specifically for the construction industry. Beyond standard payroll services 鈥 like checks, direct deposits and W-2s 鈥 Payroll4Construction offers industry-specific features designed for contractors, from certified payroll, job costing and workers鈥 comp reporting to automated pay rates and taxes for as many trades, jobs and jurisdictions as you need. We even handle your weekly, monthly and quarterly tax filings.

Payroll4Construction makes data entry easy with multiple jobs, localities, trades and pay rates processed on a single timecard. We also offer an integrated mobile app for timecard entry and approvals as well as our eAccess app for employees 鈥 a convenient online payroll portal for accessing paystubs and pay history anytime and anywhere.

Make the hassles of construction payroll a thing of the past when you let Payroll4Construction handle your processing and tax filings.

Check out more information on our partnership at , or give us a call at (800) 949-9620.

Exclusive Savings for 老牛影视Members

老牛影视contractor members receive FREE setup and training, up to a $1,500 value!

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